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Prepaid loading, bills payment, remittance and ticketing business(extra income)

Extra income or business? Whatever, just be a retailer, dealer or franchise agent and start making money.
Why you should join Global Pinoy Remittance and Services?
—In demand products and services
—Globally marketable
—Traditionally profitable
—Business is portable
—GPRS owned the entire system
Global Dealer Package comes with:
1. Webtool Account
2. 2 Pieces GPRS Visa Card
3. 5 Pieces Franchising Brochures
4. 5 Pieces Loading Brochures
5. 65 Retailer Cards
6. Operation Manual and Marketing Materials
7. Tarpaulin

Price: P14,998 only!
To be one of us click How to join GPRS UPS now.

Global Dealer Package features:
---Send and received money local and international with a lowest rate ever.
---Cashless facility / shop using your own GPRS Visa Card. Visa Card can be used as debit / atm card.
---Sell e-loading business with all network using your own simcard (One SIM to all network).
---Sell online game cards (LEVELUP, e-games, e-points, e-coins and many more).
---Earn as much as 13% net profit for selling eloads.
---Earn 2% override commission from your load wallet.
---Bills payment system. Pay your own bills (Meralco, PLDT, water bills, and many more).
---Buy airline tickets for domestic and international.
---Earn 15% to 50% on remittance service charge.
---Hotel and Resorts Booking
---Online shopping
---You can have webtool account to sell eloads as well as gaming cards using computer.
---Chance to earn P90,000 per day.

10 Amazing ways to earn money (Conservative Income Projection)

1. Selling of retailer card
---Retailer card's price for member P150
---Store Retail Price(S.R.P): P300
-----Sample earning:
-----Total: 65 retailer cards x P300 = P19,500

2. Override commission
---Dealer's commission from retailer is 2%
-----Sample earning:
-----20 retailers x 1,000 load = 20,000
-----2% of P20,000 = P400/Day
-----Total: P400/Day x 30 = P12,000/Month

3. Load retailing
---Sell loads via computer or mobile phone and
---earn 12% to 13% for every load wallet sold
-----Sample earning:
-----Globe load P500 x .12 = P60/Day
-----Smart load P500 x .12 = P60/Day
-----Sun load P500 x .12 = P60/Day
-----Total: P180/Day x 30 = P5,400/Month
---For more information about 1 sim load all network click Unified Loading FAQ.

4. Remittance service
-----GPRS remittance service charge is P60 only any amount
-----(local and international), so if you collect P100 from
-----customer as remittance fee you obviously earned P40.
-----Total: P40/Day x 30 = P1,200/Month

-----Earn 1% to 3% of the total amount to be received by your
-----clients(beneficiary / receiver).
-----Let's say the payout is P3,000 your potential income for the service if:
-----1% of P3,000 is P30
-----2% of P3,000 is P60
-----3% of P3,000 is P90
-----Total income in 2%: P60/Day x 30 = P1,800/Month
-----You may set a minimum service charge followed by "whichever is higher" phrase.
-----PAYOUT facility can be used on Globe Cash(GCash), SmartMoney
-----and with our international remittance partners.
---For more information about remittance click Remittance FAQ.
---GPRS Express Remittance Service Charge

5. Booking and Ticketing service
---Dealer's potential income per ticket is P300 or higher
-----Sample earning:
-----10 passenger roundtrip ticket
-----20 tickets sold
-----Income per ticket P300 x 20 = P6,000/Month
---Dealer's potential income per ticket is P1,200 or higher
-----Sample earning:
-----10 passenger roundtrip ticket
-----20 tickets sold
-----Income per ticket P1,200 x 20 = P24,000/Month

---For more information about ticketing click Online Booking / Ticketing FAQ.

6. Hotel and Resort Booking

If you want to earn more do the referral system

7. Direct referral incentive
---You earn P1,000 for every sponsored global dealer
-----Sample earning:
-----3 referral x P1,000 = P3,000
-----So refer as many as you can

8. Indirect Referral Incentive
---Earn P60 for every global dealer sponsored by your direct referrals
---from 2nd level to 10th level
-----Sample earning:
-----Your 2 direct referral sponsored 4 dealers x P60 = P240
-----The 4 indirect dealers sponsored 8 dealers x P60 = P480
-----You earned P720 for 12 indirect referrals made
-----For a perfect network of 2 from 2nd level to 10th level
-----you will earn P122,640

9. Point pairing bonus
---Earn P1,500 for every paired global dealer
-----Sample earning:
-----1st level 1 pair(left and right) x P1,500 = P1,500
-----2nd level 2 pair(left and right) x P1,500 = P3,000
-----Here you earned P4,500
-----Pairing bonus covered both direct and indirect

10. Unilevel Bonus / Residual Income
---For dealers only
-----Ticketing (International) - earn P25 for every transaction
-----Ticketing (Local) - earn P10 for every transaction
-----Remittance - earn P1 for every transaction
-----Bills payment - earn P1 for every transaction
-----For more information about bills payment click GPRS UPS Bills Payment FAQ.
-----ECash Reload Thru Credit Card - earn P2 for every transaction
-----From 1st level to 10th level of your team
-----No monthly maintenance or purchase needed for residual income


For more information and inquiry contact
-----Ismael Taha
Phone: +9665-0291-3868 +63939-742-1681(Smart)
Location: Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

-----Sigrid Realiza
Phone: +63917-445-2374(Globe) +63947-529-3127(Smart)
Location: Cagayan de Oro, Philippines

-----Alvien T. bruma
Phone: +63915-461-2808(Globe) +63947-614-9321(Smart)
Location: Pasay City, Philippines

-----Sgt Arnold E Solabar (FS) PA
Phone: +63919-387-5907(Smart) 064-431-0004
Location: DOS, Maguindanao, Philippines

-----Jeniffer Sormillo
Phone: 0912-600-9079(Smart) 033-5086794
Location: Iloilo City, Philippines

-----Billy Bangaan
Phone: +9665-0746-0156 +63947-249-6714(Smart)
Location: Dammam, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Phone: +63917-793-9356(Globe) +63939-901-7386 (Smart) 02-502-9149(Landline)
Location: Manila, Philippines

Our site:

Notes: GPRS Visa Card
-----1.Enables online crediting of your remittance to your account in a matter of minutes
-----2.Can be used to withdraw cash at ATMs nationwide
-----3.Can be used to shop and pay for your purchases at establishments nationwide and at over 27 million locations worldwide

Links: Global Pinoy Remittance and Services, Inc., Pardz Customized Homepage, Famous Quotes and Quotations

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GPRS Quick Login Page

Guys pede po kayo dito muna mag login para mabawasan ang data na ipinapasa ng GPRS server...

Pag dito po kayo nag-login server wide po ang effect nyan, malaking load ang mababawas sa server ng GPRS so bibilis siya... is 340 times smaller than is almost 30 times smaller than

Bear with them^_^


Huwebes, Oktubre 27, 2011

Philippine Mobile Prefix Guide

Philippine Mobile Number Prefix Guide

Before knowing the network of a mobile number is really easy by getting only its first four digit(prefix), so all you have to do is memorize telcos' respective prefix number. Now with the number of prefixes that they have used, remembering telcos' prefixes is seriously confusing, so I ended up making a list.


  • 0905
  • 0906
  • 0915
  • 0916
  • 0917
  • 0925
  • 0926
  • 0927
  • 0935
  • 0936
  • 0937
  • 0996
  • 0997

Red Mobile

  • 0930
  • 0938
  • 0939


  • 0907
  • 0908
  • 0909
  • 0910
  • 0912
  • 0918
  • 0919
  • 0920
  • 0921
  • 0928
  • 0929
  • 0947
  • 0989
  • 0999

Sun Cellular

  • 0922
  • 0923
  • 0932
  • 0933
  • 0942
  • 0943

Talk N Text

  • 0946
  • 0948
  • 0949

For any error or if you find any prefix not listed here please let me know.

For more information and inquiry:
Contact: Pardz
Phone: 0917-793-9356(Globe) / 0908-120-5600(Smart) / 02-502-9149(Landline)

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